Imagine you’re in a bubble bath, with soothing hot water enveloping you completely.

Then, little by little, you notice the water creeping down. You feel the chill of the air against your damp skin. Before you know it, you’re sitting in a puddle that’s only a couple of inches deep. You’re not warm anymore, and you definitely don’t feel relaxed. That’s what drainers do to us – they suck the energy from our lives. Whether it’s a deluge or a slow leak, before you know it, you’re sitting in the energy equivalent of an empty bath

So you turn on the faucet. A rush of hot water starts filling the tub back up. You lean back into the relaxing warmth. That’s the effect of drivers – they fill us back up, replenishing our energy and vitality.

We all encounter drainers at times. They only become a serious problem when they become a pattern, distracting us from what drives us. We then end up exhausting our drivers, or not even discovering them. The important thing is to recognize and deal with our drainers – otherwise, we’ll find ourselves sitting in the cold, empty bathtub of life.

Let’s get started with putting plugs in your drainers before they sap any more of your energy and focus. To do this, we’ll embark on a three-step process. First, we’ll identify what you want to experience more of. Then, we will focus on where you are blocked from doing so. Finally, we’ll make a plan to delve into filling you with more of what drives you.


• Want to feel more EXCITED about your work?
• Want more TIME freedom?
• Want to TRAVEL more?
• Want to EARN more money?
• Want BETTER relationships?

Now we want to identify your drainers. You can only find what rejuvenates and transforms you by changing the patterns that are depleting your energy. Break free of your comfort zone by looking deep inside to determine what drives you.

Look at the personal patterns you’ve been living out in key aspects of life, like your professional work, personal relationships, and ability to manage your time. Tracking these patterns will show you what’s truly going on in your life and how you need to get unstuck. Patterns give us the big picture, rather than just the little picture of what we feel at this moment.


Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

• Do you feel a sense of balance in your life, or do you feel
constantly strapped for time?

• Do you feel a sense of purpose in your daily work, or do
you have trouble finding meaning in it?

• Do you have ways of truly relaxing and recharging during
your downtime?

• Do you and your loved ones communicate and handle
conflict well, or do you have room for growth in that regard?

• Do you take smart risks in different aspects of life, or do
you always play it safe?

• Do you proactively seek out work projects that excite and
challenge you?

• Do you avoid conflict, or do you address it before the
issue begins to fester?

We often grow more comfortable living with our drainers than taking the risks that could move us beyond them.


Write down five things or people that drain you.

For example, the friend who’s always complaining, or the task you’re procrastinating on that ends up dominating your focus.

If you and your partner are experiencing an ongoing point of contention that you’re unwilling to address head-on, having those hard conversations and dealing with some initial discomfort is the only way to move into a more harmonious state of being.

If you’ve been keeping a low profile at work and getting bored with your job, pitching more challenging, high-profile projects to your boss will bring you more fulfillment in your work. Once you get through that initial discomfort, you’ll have set a new pattern, gained confidence in your ability to maintain it, and found a deeper level of satisfaction in life.

Now, list five things or people that drive you.

They could be hobbies that enrich your sense of self, or a friend who always helps you believe in yourself. They’re the things that motivate you and make you feel pumped up about life.

Then, name the drivers that you wish you had in your life.

It’s time to give your drivers more space in your life – probably much more.

Go ahead and take a risk – plug up those drainers and seek out those drivers! Demand more from life; not less. You are fully capable of achieving it, and getting what you truly want will come more naturally as you learn to live your new patterns.

Today, create a new pattern for yourself – a pattern that allow you to take back control of your life.

Begin by starting a journal, reflecting on where you feel stuck, and exploring the challenges you yearn to tackle. Post a written reminder of the new pattern you’re setting, preferably somewhere you’ll see it frequently. What feels challenging today will become tomorrow’s new norm, and you’ll find yourself thriving rather than just surviving — and living the life you deserve.

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Tony Grebmeier

Tony Grebmeier
Co-Founder, ShipOffers

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