10 Strategies to Win at Every Networking Event

July 4, 2023

Unveiling a little secret: Event networking morphs into an enjoyable experience when you tap into the shared interests of the attendees. This valuable insight saves you from the puzzle-like situation you often encounter at weddings, where you spend valuable time figuring out who is who.

David Gonzalez, a renowned affiliate marketing savant and the creator of the esteemed IMP party, appreciates this unique characteristic of events. By aligning yourself with individuals who share a common ground, initiating conversation and building connections become much easier!

Here are David's golden rules for making every event a networking triumph:

Adopt a Benevolent Approach

Time flies at events, leading you to swiftly decide whom to engage with and what to discuss. It may be tempting to pursue the easiest targets, but a good-natured and kind approach often proves more rewarding. Strive to interact on friendly terms without expecting something in return immediately. You'll be surprised how relaxed and genuine you feel when you ditch the hustle.

Embrace Their Objectives

Despite the common objectives you may share with fellow event-goers, David proposes digging deeper to understand their specific reasons for attending. What are they aiming to gain from the event? How could you possibly assist them? By understanding these goals and lending a receptive ear, you help others feel valued, leading to a more positive interaction.

Ask Future-Oriented Questions

David believes in the power of preparation to boost your confidence in conversations. Prepare a handful of intriguing questions you're genuinely interested in knowing the answers to. Let their responses guide the flow of conversation. They'll perceive you as the most intriguing person they've met, despite you having said relatively little.

Listen More, Talk Less

In networking, the art of listening is a game-changer. Instead of focusing on selling your assistance, keenly listen to their concerns, aspirations, and desires. As per David's advice, this strategy opens up real opportunities and helps you authentically stand out from the crowd.

Collect Contact Info Post Rapport

Randomly collecting business cards doesn't hold a candle to forging meaningful relationships. After establishing a rapport and identifying a clear potential for mutual benefit, it's appropriate to secure their contact information for follow-ups.

Be Realistic About Connections

David compares successful networking at events to a numbers game. "Among the 75 connections you might make at an event, only about five could potentially turn into significant business opportunities."

Follow up with your most promising contacts first. For the others, make a quick yet memorable point of contact. Striking this balance ensures you avoid overinvesting time in less rewarding relationships.

Avoid Immediate Asks

Avoid asking for favors when forging new connections. This approach, often perceived as you valuing only the benefits the other person can bring, could tarnish your credibility. Instead, shift the spotlight onto them. Such a considerate approach opens doors and fosters a healthy relationship.

Transform Introductions into Relationships

The secret to evolving any connection is demonstrating genuine interest, which extends beyond what the person can do for you. As David says, "Whether you're Warren Buffett or Mahatma Gandhi, we all have our passions. Show an authentic interest in someone's passions, and they'll consider you the most captivating person they met at the event."

Skip the "What Can I Do for You?"

It's time to retire the overused phrase, "What can I do for you?" As per David's suggestion, it's become a clichéd expression lacking real substance. Instead, actively listen to their goals and interests. If possible, offer something that aligns with their aims.

Don't Neglect Follow-ups

Networking efforts bear no fruit without the crucial step of following up. Snap a selfie together and share it post-event, or email a relevant eBook or blog post. Establish a connection on LinkedIn to discover shared interests or mutual acquaintances. Follow-ups are essential to further the conversation and solidify the bond.

In conclusion, every networking event offers a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored. Implementing these strategies will help you maximize the potential of these encounters and foster meaningful relationships that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

But don't just take our word for it - experience it firsthand! We invite you to attend an upcoming IMP event in Austin, TX. Feel the synergy of like-minded professionals and witness the power of effective networking in action.

Alternatively, if you're traveling to another industry event, remember to apply these strategies for a game-changing networking experience.

Remember, it's not just about who you know, but how you make them feel. See you there!

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