An Inside Look at ShipOffers’ Customer Service

Ashtyn Wardrop dishes on how ShipOffers prioritizes the customer experience.

We take customer service pretty seriously here at ShipOffers, and it’s because of people like Ashtyn Wardrop that we can move our mission forward. Originally from Illinois, Ashtyn relocated to Denver to live the mountain life. She’s helped the ShipOffers customer service team to grow and thrive. Today, she gives us an inside peek at a day in the life of our ShipOffers Customer Service Desk.

Why do you think customer service is important?

Customer service determines how your brand is received. I’ve found that consistently great customer service can lead to the comfortable and friendly rapport that's key to driving deep connection with your customers—if you take advantage of it. Whatever your customers are reaching out about, our team has the power to turn it into a positive, engaging experience.

What’s the most important thing you do each day?

Supporting my company is my top priority. Making sure everyone is heard, appreciated, and growing in the right direction ensures the success of our department. When they’re happy and fulfilled, they’re better equipped to take care of our customers. It’s contagious and really cool to see how eager they are to jump in and help each other.

How can clients maximize their relationship with the customer service team?

Simple: don’t hesitate to reach out! I cannot stress this enough.

We recognize the whole spectrum of people who are impacted by the service we provide, even the end-users that we may never directly speak with. We take this responsibility seriously, so we encourage clients to come to us, even if they’re not sure if we can help. If our team can’t handle it, we know the right people who can and will put you in contact with those people.

It's also worth pointing out that we send an automated CS survey for each ticket, which you can use to voice your feedback. If there was something you really enjoyed about the interaction, share it. If there was something that disappointed you, or if there was something left to be desired, share it. We can see all of this feedback, and it’s an immensely useful tool for identifying any blind spots.

What should customers expect from a customer service team?

I know that when I reach out to customer service, I want my problem to be resolved quickly and professionally. I know most of us have had good and bad experiences as a customer, so I believe we should use the bad ones as examples of things we should never do and use the good ones as inspiration for what every experience should be.

If you can somehow exceed their baseline expectations, you’ll have earned a customer for life. And if you do have to say no, you should follow that up by offering something you can do for them.

What do you think makes ShipOffers’ customer service an example for other companies to follow?

My philosophy toward customer service is that a year from now, while a client may not remember exactly what you did for them, they will remember how you made them feel. Every request has context, most of which is behind the scenes, so I am always trying to be sensitive to the situation that may have preceded the request (e.g., a reship). I think it’s our empathy in understanding what a client may be experiencing that allows us to stand out, build rapport, and make them feel like we are truly here for them.

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