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Liss is the chief executive list manager for Graham List Management, specializing in generating substantial revenue for email list owners and partnering with various direct response health and fitness businesses. As a mother of two teenagers, Liss also enjoys caring for her two dogs and has a passion for Jesus, short beach runs, and weightlifting.

Graham List Management primarily focuses on managing customer data in the health and nutra niche. They work diligently to maximize the potential of your list by running it as if it were your own, ensuring that none of your data is duplicated or shared in any way. Their goal is to generate significant revenue for you while maintaining the integrity of your list.

The team at Graham List Management possesses a range of skills to support their clients. They excel in selecting high-performing offers and crafting compelling copy that aligns with your list and your unique voice. They are experienced in writing email copy that resonates with your audience and can also provide content writing services. List hygiene and deliverability are prioritized to ensure optimal email delivery rates and engagement. The company emphasizes clear and up-to-date tracking, offering visibility to all parties involved. This transparent approach allows you to effortlessly monetize your list, freeing up your time to focus on front-end acquisition and new offer development.

In summary, Graham List Management is a trusted partner for businesses in the health and nutra niche, providing expert services to optimize email list revenue. Their comprehensive offerings include selecting high-performing offers, crafting engaging copy, content writing, ensuring list hygiene and deliverability, and providing clear and up-to-date tracking. With their support, you can monetize your list effectively while streamlining your operations and expanding your business.

  • Email List Revenue Generation
  • High-Performing Offer Selection
  • Compelling Copywriting
  • Email Copy and Content Writing
  • List Hygiene and Deliverability
  • Clear and Up-to-Date Tracking
  • Monetization of Email Lists
  • Front-End Acquisition Support
  • New Offer Development Assistance
  • Expertise in Health and Nutra Niche

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