Kendago is a digital marketing company that stands out from its competition by focusing on five core competencies: exceptional campaign management, cutting-edge creative, AdTech, close Tier 1 network relationships, and first-class marketing support. The company was established 11 years ago by two Israeli tech engineers with expertise in data analysis, emerging technologies, R&D, and business intelligence.

Kendago gained recognition in 2012 with the completion of Trim Down Club, a successful health and wellness brand that has amassed close to 3 million members over the years. This achievement served as a launching pad for Kendago's digital marketing success. Building upon their proven formula, knowledge, and expertise, Kendago has evolved into a premium digital marketing group.

The company prides itself on its long-term approach and close collaboration with partners. By sharing their proven marketing knowledge, Kendago has helped numerous small, unknown brands transform into household names. The testimonials from their partners reflect the impact and effectiveness of Kendago's strategies.

As a top player in the digital marketing world, Kendago continues to innovate and expand its services. Their success is rooted in their exceptional campaign management, innovative creative solutions, advanced AdTech capabilities, strong Tier 1 network relationships, and unwavering commitment to providing outstanding marketing support.

  • Exceptional Campaign Management
  • Cutting-Edge Creative Solutions
  • AdTech Capabilities
  • Close Tier 1 Network Relationships
  • First-Class Marketing Support
  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Emerging Technologies Expertise
  • R&D Services
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Long-Term Approach to Digital Marketing

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