Testimonial Review
"The first fulfillment center I have ever worked with who is incredibly proactive, keeps you in the loop on activity and (rare) issues, makes sure ship gets done and gets to your customer FAST. Plus great prices too!"
Ed O'Keefe
Testimonial Review
"ShipOffers is one of the best organizations and staffs I've worked with in the internet marketing space. Tony, and Doug have built a fantastic team around them to support their clients and partners. They go above and beyond to fulfill (hehe) their part, and they're very easy to work with.If I refer someone over to them I have no qualms that they'll be well taken care of. And even if a deal isn't struck, the ShipOffers team still ends up finding a way to help out growing businesses and entrepreneurs."
Thomas McMahon
Testimonial Review
"Awesome company and awesome team! Everything is straight forward and expectations are exceeded on a continual basis. ShipOffers is committed to providing top-notch shipping and warehouse solutions. Highly recommended all the way around."
Tammer El-Ali
Testimonial Review
ShipOffers isn’t just a fulfillment company they are a partner you can rely on. Tony and his team have been phenomenal when it comes to digging into the numbers and finding sustainable solutions to help our clients scale. We have worked with a lot of fulfillment companies for our clients but nothing compares to the approach ShipOffers takes. They are hands-on and really care about your business. I’ve been blown away at how they treat our clients both large and small.
Emma Rainville - Shockwave Solutions, LLC
Testimonial Review
"ShipOffers was the solution I’d been looking for and we haven’t looked back since then. ShipOffers has a unique ability to not only accurately ship out my products on a large scale, but also assist me in strategizing the best moves to make next in my business."
Merlin Holmes
Testimonial Review
"With ShipOffers everything runs smoothly. My customers love the fast shipping and I love the hassle free automation.But, what I love the most about ShipOffers is their availability! If I need something they are always ready to give a fast response to help me out... and I'm on another timezone! ShipOffers go above and beyond to help my business succeed and I highly recommend ShipOffers to anybody looking for a fulfillment service!"
Drew Charles
Testimonial Review
"More than just a fulfillment house, an eCommerce partner who helps you grow revenue, source products, and develop strategy. If you need shipping and fulfillment, these guys are the best in the business."
Jonathan Mizel
Testimonial Review
"We have been working with ShipOffers for some time now. They have been an invaluable partner since day one! We have worked with many fulfillment centers over the years and I have to say that ShipOffers is simply the best. Everyone does a top notch job and their attention to detail is amazing. Keep up the great work so businesses like ours can have the comfort that the job is getting done right!! Thank you!!"
Testimonial Review
As a new business owner, ShipOffers has gone above and beyond my expectations. They've introduced me to new partners, suppliers and networks to further my business. When deciding to work with them, I didn't expect anything other than for them to be my fulfillment company. A very pleasant surprise dealing with them these past 6 months, would recommend them especially if you're a new business. Much love to ShipOffers.
Joe Kosir
Testimonial Review
ShipOffers has been pivotal in the success of our multimillion-dollar company. They went above and beyond what any “normal” fulfillment company would do for you. Not only that, they have over 20 years of knowledge working in this field and have saved us from many landmines. You’d be crazy to work with anyone else!
Charles Livingston
Testimonial Review
We were referred to ShipOffers thru a well respected friend in the industry who said Tony and the team are the best. We’ve worked with them for nearly a year and they truly are the best. They are pioneers in the industry and have helped many owners make a lot of money with their brands. We have dealt with folks throughout the agency and have had the the most positive experience across the board. And when you have an issue or project to sort out, they are on your team shoulder to shoulder working on solutions. We love working with ShipOffers!
John Zolikoff
Testimonial Review
"I've been a client of ShipOffers for about 6 months. They went above and beyond during every aspect of getting my product launched. Since the launch, their team has been instrumental in helping my product become a success. I can't recommend them enough!"
David Gervase
Testimonial Review
ShipOffers has been great! They're quick to respond when we need something, and they're team is always helpful and upbeat. When we were making the transition from our old distribution center they helped me every step of the way, making the move really smooth. I'm so glad we made the change, and I highly recommend them!
Kim Glosson
Testimonial Review
"I've been with ShipOffers for over 2 years now and I'll never use another fulfillment company. They are extremely professional and always respond right away to any inquiries my team and I have. I've used other fulfillment companies in the past and had numerous mishaps, always worried if shipments went out on time, and was overcharged for even the smallest things. But with ShipOffers, their prices are the best around and I simply never have to worry about the fulfillment side of things anymore."
Christopher Mitchell
Testimonial Review
For me, a partnership is more than a concept. It’s a way of being in the world. But it’s so much more than cooperating for a mutual benefit. A real partner will do that while looking out for your best interests. For more than 7 years, I’ve consistently seen this type of true partnership value lived out over and over again in working with ShipOffers. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with Josh Noble or Justin Armstrong or any other team member because it’s part of the culture that Tony’s cultivated in his team. It’s a shared value and a shared culture and it’s why I never hesitate to recommend ShipOffers to anyone looking for a real fulfillment partner.
Travis Gomez - CambridgeCommerce, Inc.