What’s hot in the supplement space for 2022

Products sure to appeal to health-conscious customers

Staying abreast of market trends is key to sustained success in the online marketplace. That’s why ShipOffers works closely with leading manufacturers and industry partners to stay in touch with the market and how to respond in ways that help ecom and digital response marketers flourish. “Knowing what’s hot in the market and making it available to our clients is an important value we deliver,” says Josh Noble, VP of Sales.

It’s no surprise that given the market shift of the past two years, the online market is still growing. The top trending categories in the online space continue to be weight loss and general health, with four products specifically creating a lot of buzz:  Resveratrol, Mushroom Complex, Keto Drops, and Prebiotics.

2022 Product Trends

These four hot products for 2022 are being touted by social media influencers for their benefits and garnering a lot of media coverage, signaling that they will remain in demand for a long time to come.

Mushrooms – Many are calling 2022 the “year of the mushroom,” and all things mushroom are HOT. That’s because this nutritional powerhouse is one of the oldest known superfoods, associated with myriad health benefits. Some varieties are believed to give your immune system a turbo-boost, while others tame stress or enhance cognitive function.

Prebiotics – These help friendly bacteria to grow in your digestive tract by providing the food they need to thrive. They occur naturally in certain foods, but taking them in concentrated form provides more nutrition to keep those friendly bacteria healthy and happy.

Resveratrol – After first gaining popularity over a decade ago, Resveratrol is making a comeback as the superfood wave grows. Promoting youthfulness and healthy aging, it’s found in certain foods like grape skins, but taking it in supplement form packs a more powerful punch.

Keto Drops – The keto diet is skyrocketing in popularity, and dieters want supplements to help them reach their goals. Keto drops are proven to work, and this tincture formulation offers quick absorption to help increase metabolism and burn fat.
Weight loss and health products have never been hotter, and with all the buzz about these four top sellers, marketers have plenty to talk about. For instance, they can explain how all of these products work with the body’s natural processes to boost health and wellbeing. Customers are already hearing about these items from social channels or in the media, and they’ll be eager to hear a fresh take on them. These products provide opportunities to grow existing verticals and expand into new ones.

New Products Add Value

Announcing new offerings periodically keeps things from getting stale. Plus, it shows customers that you know the market and want to offer them the best options out there. It allows you to become a trusted source of information as you take part in the ongoing dialogue about the latest health trends. And of course, sharing tips and advice about exciting new products will drive traffic to your website.

You can add new offerings as often as you like—as long as you focus on what your audience wants and needs. Knowing your customer and market is key; every new product release should spark their interest, making them eager to learn more about it. Watch how your product launches affect website traffic and engagement on social channels. If you’re seeing a boost, you’re doing it right. More great products mean more choices for your audience—and making great choices will ramp up engagement.

ShipOffers is excited to announce that all four of these products are now available in our on-demand catalog. “We’re always working with our clients to bring new products that support their goals,” says Jamie Church, VP of Account Management. “Adding Resveratrol, Mushroom Complex, Probiotics, and Keto Drops to our catalog helps provide new opportunities to those who partner with us.”
Responding to the market needs, we worked with our manufacturers to come up with outstanding options for our clients:

  • Our mushroom formula contains over 10 varieties of mushrooms that provide a broad array of health benefits including improved cognitive function, greater energy, and boosted immunity and metabolism.1
  • While prebiotics have always been a top request, our new formula makes them the perfect pair for probiotics. We worked with a leading manufacturer to come up with the best blend of ingredients to boost gut health and digestive functioning.1
  • Our resveratrol formula delivers antioxidants that boost heart and brain function, along with overall health.1
  • Our keto drops formula contains antioxidants and other ingredients that may reduce cellulite and support weight loss efforts.1

If you have questions about any of these products, we’re here to talk them through. Reach out to your account or sales manager at 866-393-3483. We’re also excited to hear any feedback about these new offerings. And stay tuned—we have something else up our sleeve for Q1!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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