Showing Up for Others: An Interview with David Lee Jensen

Jensen believes that success isn’t just about personal fulfillment but also cultivating something that benefits others.

If ever there were a time to help others, it’s now. The global pandemic has shaken businesses to their core, leaving employees without jobs and business owners wondering whether they can survive. But the uncertainty has also forced creativity and innovation—something that entrepreneur David Lee Jensen sees as an opportunity to find success while helping others.

As a two-time best-selling author, speaker, and founder of three companies, Jensen believes success is defined as the ability to fulfill part of your life while being in service to others. Here’s how he turned a dismal coronavirus outlook into one of hope and inspiration.

Leadership Is a Calling

Getting started on an entrepreneurial path was a lot easier once Jensen realized it had nothing to do with ego or finances. “I always thought that my career was more service-based. It was my duty, and that only became more evident during the pandemic,” he recalls. “Coronavirus painted this apocalyptic picture for many, so I wanted to encourage others to keep smiling, have a positive outlook, and help other people be successful when working from home.”

For Jensen, the idea that knowledge is power is what sparked his entrepreneurial journey in the first place. He knew he was in a good place to help people with the things he had learned that could add real value to others.

“Having been in HR for so long, I wrote a book, The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret, to teach other business owners how to make the right hiring decisions the first time, every time,” he explains. “I knew that instead of punching the clock, I could take all this knowledge and let it work for someone else. I turned it into an online course that not only makes me money while I sleep but also really helps people solve one of the biggest problems every business owner faces.”

Jensen also acknowledges that his leadership doesn’t end there. He wants to help others learn and grow and teach them to teach others to learn and grow, too. “I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we created eight million entrepreneurs that impacted a billion people? It’s an exponential reaction. We’ve started seeing our entrepreneurs create entrepreneurs. I think that’s the new economy: go out and help others and get rewarded for it.”

Being Remarkable During a Time of Need

Jensen chooses his words carefully and notes that creating a remarkable impact is perfectly fitting for his goals. He wants to contribute something that is worthy of remarks because it’s what he believes is the catalyst for shared prosperity.

“I don’t just want to do handouts because they can only go so far. If you can get others producing and expanding their businesses or getting people to create their own businesses, everyone wins. This is especially important in times of crisis to preserve jobs and livelihoods.”

This is the same mindset Jensen assumed when creating his new company, Rapid Test USA, that’s focused on faster testing for the coronavirus. “While I'm not a medical professional, I am an HR professional. I know first-hand the risks, obstacles, and stress levels on business owners navigating to re-open workplaces.” The CDC is encouraging business owners to test employees. With a rapid COVID test, Jensen is helping business owners keep their companies open and workers safe—an act undoubtedly in the service of others.

Check out his newest venture to help get America back to work safely at - and visit his personal site at

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