ShipOffers is the trusted source for elite marketers of health and beauty products. We offer product sourcing, label design and printing, customized fulfillment, return processing, marketing, up-sells and more. We are the #1 vital partner for direct response marketers.


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Chad Hamzeh

Chad Hamzeh

Traffic Beast / DSV2 Media

I've known Tony and the guys at EyeFive & ShipOffers for a year now and their customer service has been exceptional from day one. They're some of the easiest we've worked with when it comes to fast product and offer build out's that don't require insane amounts of inventory commitment to start with. They truly understand the landscape of fast offer creation and testing different product lines very quickly. They're a God send for direct response advertisers.

Craig Garber

Craig Garber

Owner, Marketing & Distribution company

In today's day and age where there is no "service" in the service business any more... ShipOffers.com is a breath of fresh air. Tony and Gil have that old-school work ethic when it comes to working with customers, that just doesn't seem to exist any more. These guys are extremely professional, they will bend over backwards to accommodate you, and they are very fair. On top of that, they are reliable and are constantly expanding their systems and reporting, so you're able to have greater control over, and understanding of, the various moving parts of your business. I am incredibly demanding and yet, they have far exceeded any of my expectations. Call them now.

Kevin Cohen

Kevin Cohen

Marketing Genius / Kevin Cohen

As a marketer, my job is traffic and conversion. My partnership with EyeFive/ShipOffers allow me to focus on my 20%, while they take care of sourcing, warehousing, and fulfillment...which saves me time, money, and energy. Thank you!

George Rivera

George Rivera

/ 2x Media Group

Had I started with ShipOffers/Eye Five from the very beginning, no question we would have made an extra $2 million at minimum in 2013. Reason is simple... The old way: Find a hot product, find someone to make it for you, fork over $30K to stock it to get a decent price, THEN use what you have left over to market it and hope you can sell the inventory (not to mention make a profit when a good chunk of cash is tied up that you may never see again). The ShipOffers way: Find a hot product (or they will tell you what's hot), spend your money on marketing, when you get sales, THEN fulfill on it at a competitive price and you're not stuck with a ton of inventory you can't sell. They are now my exclusive supplier/fulfillment company and I'm recommending all my clients & friends check them out so they don't make the mistake I made. They truly understand the importance of cash flow for supplement marketers.