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Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say…

ShipOffers has been pivotal in the success of our multimillion-dollar company. They went above and beyond what any “normal” fulfillment company would do for you. Not only that, they have over 20 years of knowledge working in this field and have saved us from many landmines. You’d be crazy to work with anyone else!


Charles Livingston


In the over 10 years I’ve been marketing and building companies online I’ve never come across a company that makes difficult things as easy for me as ShipOffers. When I transitioned my business from 100% digital to including a variety of physical goods I ran into an onslaught of hassles working with other fulfillment companies and trying to manage everything in-house. ShipOffers was the solution I’d been looking for and we haven’t looked back since then. ShipOffers has a unique ability to not only accurately ship out my products on a large scale, but also assist me in strategizing the best moves to make next in my business. I use them for shipping, formulation of new products, manufacturing management and inventory management and they’ve been above and beyond any other company in the space every day I’ve worked with them. The flexibility and speed that they move with actually matches my own, which is a very hard thing to find in a service provider of any kind.



Merlin Holmes


Tony and ShipOffers are amazing to work with. Tell them what you want and they make it very easy!

The key when running a supplement company is that you need your cash to work for you and not be stuck in inventory. ShipOffers does that perfectly for you



Ed O’Keefe

Tony and his team are reliable and a true pleasure to partner with on projects.  All of referrals and clients are better off as a company for working with ShipOffers. They are the secret weapon that you need on your team.  I highly recommend using ShipOffers as your fulfillment partner.



Vinnie Fisher, CEO, Fully Accountable


ShipOffers handles ALL of your fulfillment needs! We were referred to ShipOffers by a friend and can’t say enough wonderful things about their services. They have outstanding customer service and handle all aspects of your fulfillment needs in a professional manner. Tony G. and his team really go above and beyond traditional fulfillment services! They are committed to helping you grow your business, from fulfillment suggestions to advice on marketing and customer support services. As the owner of a growing start up, I am excited to work with ShipOffers as we grow and expand. Highly recommend!



Melonie & Zeke DeRose


I came to Tony and ShipOffers after having a nightmare situation with my previous fulfillment center and supplier. Not only was the sign-up a breeze, but so was getting our product ready to ship. Tony and his team even made suggestions for our labels and website which led to higher conversions. You can tell Tony and his team love their clients.



Jerry West


The team at ShipOffers is the true definition of professional and courteous.  The service to our team is second to none.  We literally could not do the service better in our own office.  We are successful in large part due to the commitment of the ShipOffers team. I highly recommend them for your shipping and fulfillment needs.


Terry Crolius, President, Leading Health