Top Trends: KETO as an eCommerce Business

Google reports that the top trending health question of 2018 was people looking for information on the KETO Diet. And according to Google Trends, it has been at its peak popularity since the start of 2019.This trend makes any products related to KETO hot commodities in the eCommerce world.

Why is the KETO diet so popular?

The benefits of being KETO are quite wide, especially since at its core you’re burning fat as opposed to carbs for energy. According to recent studies some benefits may


  • Steady weight loss
  • Increased levels of good HDL Cholesterol
  • Reduced Blood Sugar & Insulin
  • Therapeutic for several brain disorders such as epilepsy

What does the KETO diet do for you?

Besides dropping weight and getting healthy, the ketogenic diet allows you to truly experience a boost in energy as your liver produces more ketones that act as a substitute for glucose for the brain.

Essentially, it’s like putting your brain on stevia over sugar. While counter-acting a lot of the negative effects of high-carb consumption, KETO diets actually are fairly simple to take on as it allows you to still eat meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and more. You can even have some carbs but you want to keep those to a minimum.

How does this affect you and your business?

Besides the health benefits, the ketogenic market is looking at a growth of an accelerated 5% annually which means by 2022, the market is estimated at a $400 billion worth. As time has shown, the health market grows and is profitable. And as the ketogenic market continues to grow more products will be available, maybe even one that you’ve created.

What should you do about it?

If you were thinking of going into the health market, while other diets and health offers will work, KETO products are still proving to an incredible growth opportunity according to Josh Noble, Director of Business Development at ShipOffers, who has said: “Not many things have caught fire as the KETO Diet in my three plus years in the industry.”


This multi-billion dollar industry is an excellent example of a trend that can lead to a successful eCommerce business.