The ClickBank Advantage for Strategic Sellers – Thomas McMahon

If you work in the ecommerce space, ClickBank is no stranger to you. Meet Thomas McMahon, Business Development Manager with ClickBank, who will give us a sneak peek of what’s on the horizon for ClickBank.

Getting His Start In Direct Marketing

“I’m from a super small town in Hope, Idaho with a population of just over 100 people,” says McMahon. He got his start in the digital world at a link-building firm called Page One Power.

“After three and a half years with them, I joined the powerhouse team at ClickBank as an account manager,” he says. “I thought I knew about internet marketing and SEO and realized that I only had a sliver of internet marketing knowledge under my belt.” He actively built his knowledge over the following year and then moved into a business development role.

ClickBank: An Insider’s Perspective

What does ClickBank do?

“At the core, we’re a merchant processor with a robust affiliate platform built on top of it,” explains McMahon. “We handle a lot of the unsexy back- end work. Without us, you’re tracking affiliates yourself and paying out affiliates yourself.”

They’ve been in the online retail world for 20 years. “We’re kind of in there with eBay and Amazon.” They eliminate a lot of the tedious legwork of online selling for a business owner. “You can have a $2 million sales day as a single vendor and be just fine,” he says. “The best types of clients are the ones that have the resources to do it right and do it quickly,” says McMahon.

Physical Space, Digital Company

“We are built on digital, but roughly five to six years ago we jumped into the physical space. We help you get qualified for a physical or even a digital offer.”

How do they do this? “We look at all the compliance for the FTC and FDA,” McMahon explains. Having a physical product frequently creates higher average order values and better payouts to affiliates. “Your margins might be lower, but the average order value can be higher,” he continues.

Simply adding an element such as a printed book into your funnel can get you started. A tangible item like a book or supplement can play a key role in your overall content strategy because it will be seen, remembered, and even shared.

Streamlining the Physical Product

“If you don’t know how to sell, or if you’ve never sold a supplement, you don’t know the hoops to jump through,” he explains. That poses a tremendous hurdle for newer sellers.

Clickbank’s partnership with ShipOffers has not only provided the benefits of ensuring compliance for affiliates; it’s also dramatically simplified the process of on-boarding new

physical products, says McMahon.

Once you know your product has a market, the partnership with ShipOffers will help get it into the hands of that market as quickly as possible. “It’s a very tactical and strategic

advantage to have a partnership where we’ve pre-approved large swaths of white label supplements,” he emphasizes.

When someone wants to offer a product through ShipOffers, all that remains to be done is to ensure that the labels meet compliance standards and show the product name and that no one has drastically altered the facts panel. According to McMahon, through this partnership, many entrepreneurs can launch a product in as little as a week or two as long as their copy is compliant with regulations.

ClickBank’s Journey to Continued Success

“We’ve got a lot on our roadmap to improve our platform,” says McMahon. “We keep rolling out new features that our existing clients have been asking us about! We have an

improved UI coming down the pipeline. We want to make sure that our affiliates are as high-converting as possible. In the industry itself, we’re seeing much good wind at our back right now.”

Who Benefits from working with ClickBank?

“If it’s physical or digital, high-ticket or low-ticket, anything that can run on a rev share base, it’s worth looking into connecting with ClickBank. If there’s a way to work together, it can be an excellent driver to your bottom-line profit margins.”


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