Free Up Your Time While Gaining Traction

Marketing Tips For E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Perhaps your sales have begun to plateau. You’re still doing steady business, but you only have so many hours in the day. How can you boost your sales volume without devoting time you don’t have to marketing?

It’s time to hone your sales strategy with this three-pronged plan.

Up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers.

Your most valuable customers are the ones you already have. You could spend a lot of time and money on new acquisitions, but consider this: some simple upsell and cross-sell systems have the potential to raise your revenue faster.

Don’t we all love a system we can set up quickly and reap the benefits of for a very long time? Up-selling is offering more to people who already know they can trust your brand. If any of your customers don’t know you offer a premium product or a related product, you’re the only one to blame! Be sure that every product is tied to a relevant upsell.

Don’t have a premium product that’s an obvious upsell from a lower-tier product? Create one. Expand your catalog.

  • Use a higher-quality material to produce a deluxe version of an existing product.
  • Add a bulk size option.
  • Find out the one thing customers wish an existing product could do and create a new and improved model that does exactly that.

Cross-selling is equally important. Accessorize your offer.

  • Have a weight-loss product? Pair it with exercise equipment or an info product to help  with home workouts.
  • Have a skin-care product? Offer a facial scrub, mask, or toner.
  • Have a kitchen appliance? Pair it with a cookbook, cooking utensils, or a related accessory.

Remember – your bottom line is only as valuable as the offers you make.

Popularize your brand on social media.

Instagram has introduced shoppable posts, and Facebook features shops and a marketplace. Ignoring the millions of active users on social media will lead to a massive loss for an ecommerce store. Many of the tools you already utilize can easily integrate with these systems. If you use them strategically, you can reap big rewards. Here are a few key pointers:

  • Design your Instagram and Facebook accounts to look completely different from what other companies are doing – from the content you post to the features you implement.

These platforms make retargeting with advertising a piece of cake.

  • Incorporate 2018’s hottest trend of using Facebook’s messenger bot for cart abandonment, subscription reminders, and upsells, and you’ll have automated a massive portion of sales work.
  • Leverage your influencers. Use visual search to spot that celeb who wore your product; ask that Twitter maven to write a guest post.
  • Share content that delivers value in and of itself. Gone are the days of just slapping up an ad – now, educational posts, infographics, and short videos that both entertain and inform are all the rage.

Get segmenting.

Simply capturing emails isn’t enough. Drip campaign automation won’t cut it anymore, either. Your customers are getting bombarded with email and text notifications every

minute. If you want to rise above the white noise, you need to speak directly to them. How can you do that without spending all day on it?

  • Be sure your email and text marketing is segmented and automated by purchase history, products viewed, cart abandonment, personal information (allowing you to send, say, happy birthday emails), and types of feedback.
  • Leverage the most powerful but overlooked customer responses. Did a customer have an amazing experience and leave you five stars? Great! Maybe they’re a good fit for an ambassador or influencer program. (If you don’t have one, launch one and invite them in!)
  • Did they only have a two-star experience? Make it up to them. A few discount codes and a little extra love from a customer satisfaction team could recover your customer and take them from “meh” to “must buy.”

The best part? Once the automation is set up, your selling happens on auto-pilot. Your customers will get a personalized response, which will keep them coming back for more.

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