Direct Response Solutions: A People-Centered Approach

Discovering the direct response industry.

Travis Gomez, current VP of Business at Cambridge Business, studied business in college. While there, Gomez secured an internship with Cambridge Commerce. “Our primary focus at the time was in the echeck business,” he notes.

Eventually, he took on a full-time role. “As we kept our options open, we got into the direct response infomercial space,” Gomez says. That space will quickly test whether an idea will move the proverbial needle, he asserts.

Keeping merchants in compliance as they scale up.

“Often, what happens is a merchant begins to scale quickly, and once you exceed about $100,000 in processing a month on an aggregated account like Stripe or PayPal, it goes into a different category, and those have to be fully underwritten,” Gomez explains. “It’s just like having a real merchant account, but it’s still a Stripe or PayPal merchant account; not yours.”

People don’t always realize this. “[PayPal or Stripe] may not have cared when you were running $15,000 a month in sales, but when you start processing a quarter million dollars, they’re going to look at what you’re doing very carefully,” he emphasizes. “People think that they can just run anything there, but if you read through their restricted brevity business models, you actually can’t.” “This is where you may seek to obtain your own merchant processing account from a reputable provider,” he notes.

Designing pragmatic, people-focused solutions.

Entrepreneurs turn to Cambridge because of the way they work with people. “We look for vendor partners that have the same type of mentality and values,” Gomez emphasizes. “We look for clients that share the same kind of attitude and values. They are in it for the long haul and not just a quick buck. When we do that, it’s so much more fun to come to work.”

How would Gomez respond to someone just diving into the realm of ecommerce today? “I’d be his fan. I’m a fan of our clients. I’d work with him to help find pragmatic solutions that fit his needs. I love spending time with people to help them understand what their objectives are, both short-term and long-term,” he affirms. “I enjoy designing plans and strategies on how to get them from where they’re at now to where they want to go.”

What makes a good partnership in ecommerce?

“It’s having somebody who’s helping walk you through what to do in the midst of chaos or tell you honestly, ‘That’s what I’d want,’” says Gomez. “That’s what we look for in our partners, from fulfillment to manufacturers to customer service. Many people undervalue service because service is not just coming back with an answer. It’s anticipating what the need is,” he notes.

Quality service may address a client’s pain points before they even become aware of them. In terms of back-end support, Cambridge Commerce strives to provide streamlined solutions for clients that allow them to focus on the core elements of business management. “I love when the client can focus on the marketing elements and the way they’re running and operating their business.

They shouldn’t have to worry about the vendor partners or having to babysit a fulfillment company or management company or not getting the inventory report,” says Gomez. He describes the frustrations that have brought clients to Cambridge Commerce. Some clients were getting their product on backorder. “They’re waiting for their product to come out. They’ve got orders that are coming in; they’ve set aside or held transactions. The systems are going to charge the order and hope it comes in on time.” “Those things can get you in a lot of trouble. It frustrates customers,” Gomez asserts. “That inevitably is going to lead to disputes and chargebacks for products that didn’t come in time.

Our partnership with ShipOffers just makes it so easy because [customers] don’t even have to worry about that entire element of their business. Everything’s taken care of.”


Travis Gomez, VP of Business, Cambridge Commerce

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