We sat down with Jamie Church, Growth Manager for ShipOffers, to learn how to get more from a fulfillment service.

At ShipOffers, we like to think of ourselves as a valuable extension of your business. But no matter how you choose to leverage our fulfillment service, you should feel confident you’re getting your money’s worth—and maybe a little extra.

We caught up with Jamie Church, our Growth Manager for client success, to learn more about how clients can get the most from a fulfillment company in order to maximize their profits. Here’s what she had to say.


As the person who lives at the intersection of sales and client development, Jamie’s top priority is to ensure a high level of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. To do this, she wants to make sure clients understand the full capabilities of a fulfillment company like ShipOffers, as well as how to take advantage of everything being offered.

“First and foremost, a fulfillment company is a physical location that exists to get online orders printed, packed, and shipped in a timely manner,” she explains. “Our job is to alleviate much of the stress that e-commerce companies feel while running a business.”

When partnering with a fulfillment company, Jamie believes it is vital to discuss short-term and long- term goals, as well as special requirements, like handling breakable products.

“For example, I want to know if you are growing a customer base. I want to know your reputation and your goals for your product line. If you want to be perceived as an ultra-lux store, maybe you need special packaging for your product. Conversely, if you want to be a value line, basic packaging might be more appropriate.”

Fulfillment companies can also go beyond the role of fulfillment and into partnership. “By understanding your business and objectives, we can help you save money. Our job is to be experts in shipping — we know the different shipping options and want to provide you with the most effective solution for your product.”

For instance, a small modification in packaging can change the box size and save in shipping. “Depending on your product, we can offer a variety of shipping options to help minimize cost and maximize efficiency.  For example, we have a dedicated service for books and media that can help save tremendously in shipping costs.”

It all goes back to good communication, especially when you’re just getting started. “It’s important to know that you have a team available to help you. Your Growth Manager and dedicated Client Services Specialist provide crucial roles to help with your store. Any roadblocks you may encounter, we have the experience and expertise to help you overcome by working with a variety of strategic partners. We’ve helped our clients with everything from processing to web traffic to CRM and more.”

In essence: Ask, and ye shall receive.


Jamie’s a big fan of ongoing communication, something she says is the foundation of an ongoing partnership. “Communication is #1 with your dedicated Growth Manager,” she encourages.  She recommends the following best practices to ensure a prosperous, ongoing partnership:

  • Know how you want to communicate
  • Communicate often, and ideally, have a set schedule
  • Share struggles and challenges (we have a network of partners who can help!)
  • Talk about business goals and objectives

“I’m here to help because we’re partners pushing from the same side of a problem or question. Tell me your best way to contact you, such as phone, email, Skype, or text, as well as when the best time is to get in touch. I work hard to set these expectations early so nothing stands in our way of moving forward.”

Jamie notes that most of her clients are looking for ways to expand their inventory or add an upsell to their offer, both of which can be excellent ways to grow revenue. Other frequent requests are inserts or book printing, inventory updates, tracking updates, and even technical needs, such as adding SKUs.

“In these cases, I say the best thing you can do is reach out and let me and the ShipOffers’ team help you lay the groundwork. Use us to do your heavy lifting, and save yourself the trouble. I can quickly give you all the info you need so that you can grow when you’re ready.”

Jamie Church, Growth Manager

Jamie Church

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