Reach out to others in the space you’ve decided to capitalize in, asking for insight into what’s working for them and who they’ve partnered with. One thing about entrepreneurship that is fundamentally true: It takes a village. No one is truly “self-made”, as you’re going to need customers, suppliers, payment processors, friends, and even family members that are willing to give feedback.

Step Four: Test, test, and then test again.

Entrepreneurship is like a big science project. We have a theory about what will sell. When we invest in products and marketing, we test that theory. As results roll in, we change a variable or two and then we test it again. We carry on doing that as we keep making our results better and better – eventually, we’re a full-blown business.

Just four steps, and it’s time to take control of your life again.

Do work you care about. Spend your finite, precious time where you most desire to be spending it. Entrepreneurship might still seem challenging, or even risky, but you can stick your toe in without risking much at all. What would be even scarier? Never trying to have the life you want because of fear.

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