3 Tips for Growing Your Health Coaching Business

If you’ve been keeping up with the health and wellness industry, you might have noted that the nutritional supplement arena continues to boom.  For the last few years, we’ve seen record growth in several areas of the market.

In 2014, vitamins and supplements grew 3% in value terms, according to Euromonitor International.  IBISIS World also reports that despite the recession in 2008, supplement sales have seen consistent growth over the last five years.

Experts speculate that as the ability of cash-strapped patients to pay for doctors’ visits declined, folks looked to all –natural solutions. Even in areas where results were not conclusively scientific, supplements continued to sell left and right.

If you’re a health and wellness business, or a health coach, how could you not consider supplements as a part of your practice?

How Will You Grow Your Business?

If your business intends to continue thriving in the nutritional supplement industry, you’re going to need a strategy for growth. What should you take into consideration?

  • Concurring Conditions
    Let’s just be totally clear – patients with recurring conditions have other needs. If you’re going to offer a supplement for a healthy colon, are you also selling any concurrent supplements, such as stool softeners? Could your pre-natal patients benefit from children’s products as well?
  • Vertical Markets by Gender
    If you sell dietary supplements to women, you might want to take note of their age. This means assessing the most popular chronic conditions some may be dealing with, as well as auxiliary needs, like anti-aging skin care. Grabbing an extra piece of the market share can seriously boost your bottom line.
  • Trends and Seasonal Needs
    Don’t forget that some conditions are seasonal – like allergies. Likewise, several client needs are likely to be dictated by the time of year, such as weight loss. We don’t suggest you jump on the bandwagon, exactly, but if you already offer services in this area, why not shift the timing of your promotions for better income generation.

Can ShipOffers Help You Build Your Business?

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